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Dale Wimbrow Historical Rare Musical Instrument Consignment - eAuction Assistant

This month’s featured consignment is a rare original collection of Wimbrola & Dave Wimbrow Signature Musical Instruments.  Each instrument was personally owned & played by Dale Wimbrow “The NBC Mississippi Maestro” throughout his life until he passed away in 1954.  These items are now being sold for the first time with eAuction Assistant Professional Auction Consignment.  We are honored to work with the Wimbrow Family to represent these amazing pieces of history.

Dale Wimbrow is famous for his work with Favilla Bros for creating the Wimbrola line of Ukuleles and Dale Wimbrow signature string instruments of sorts.  Dale was also a Published Songwriter, Writer, Poet (“The Guy In The Glass”), Newspaper Owner (The Indian River News), Musician, and Radio Personality!  Read more about Dale Wimbrow.

Check back frequently for more Wimbrow Family auctions continuing through the end of the year.


Vintage Folk Uke Ukulele Wimbrola 6 String Soprano

Item# 331989636608 

Sold at auction:  $4,127.00

Vintage Uke Ukulele Favilla Dale Wimbrow 6 String Soprano “The First Wimbrola”

Item# 232117397582

Sold at auction:  $3,827.77


Vintage Favilla Bros Soprano Ukulele Owned by Dale Wimbrow Case Includes 100+ Rare Autographs!

Item# 232151224605

Sold at auction:  $910.00


Favilla Soprano Uke Ukulele & Case “The Del Mar Va Songster Dale Wimbrow” 1920s

Item# 332047340292

Sold at auction:  $685.00


Vintage Russian Folk Balalaika Uke by Dale Wimbrow 1920s

Item# 332023129383


Dale Wimbrow’s Antique Banjo Uke Ukulele Oscar Schmidt Sovereign 1920s

Item# 332031722074


Vintage Favilla Bros FAB 5 String Folk Banjo Jos B Rogers Jr.

Item# 232105369034


Antonius Stradivarius Antique Violin 1/4 Size c.1900

Item# 332055128775


Wimbrola Tugboat Whistle Early 1920s Made & Owned by Dale Wimbrow

Item# 332049390564


1922 Early Ludwig 4-in-1 Train Whistle Vintage Percussion Owned by Dale Wimbrow

Item# 232160381166


Dale Wimbrow Memorabilia Lot: Wimbrola, Musician, Poet, Newspaper, WWI Medals

Item# 332053924431