This month’s featured consignment is a large lot of Fisher Price collectible toys!  Cleaning out the basement proved to be quite profitable for these new consignment clients.  They located about 20 vintage unique Fisher-Price toys collectibles.  Adding to the value, most of these sets are complete with original boxes and in great condition!
Vintage collectible toys can be outstanding sellers on eBay!  When thinking about selling your collectible vintage toys, a few factors to consider include Age, Popularity, Rarity, and Condition.
Generally, the older the collectible toy, the more valuable it is.  Fisher-Price toys, for instance, have several editions of similar toys that are nearly identical, however, the oldest ones are usually the most valuable.  How popular was the brand or toy in particular?  The Fisher-Price brand has been a longtime popular household name and commands a large collectible following.  Different toys from Fisher-Price are also more popular than others.   See a guide to vintage toy collectibles in this category here.