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Hot Selling Consignment eBay Auction Items This Month - eAuction Assistant

This months blog post is a review of some of the hot selling, high volume hot selling auction items that are great for consignment on eBay right now!

New or lightly used electronics sell like crazy on eBay – such as smartphones,  tablets, laptops, flat screen TVs, headphones, audio equipment and more!  This week’s top-selling items in eBay’s electronics category include Playstations, Dell Computers, iPhone 5, GoPro Camera, iPod Nano, Garmin GPS systems and Canon Cameras.



This week’s top-selling items in eBay’s collectible category include Warhammer 40k Ork, American Girl Today Dolls, US Mint Proof Coin Sets, and vintage Clint Eastwood items of sorts.



See more great auction items here!  Contact us for a free consultation about your items or to schedule a consignment drop off or pick up an appointment!