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Mac & PC Laptops Consignment - eAuction Assistant

eAuction Assistant can help you auction your laptops quickly and safely on eBay or Amazon!  Laptop computers are great auction items because there is high online demand with tons of potential bidders out there looking for a used computer online!

We love providing our consignors with efficient, fast, and safe selling results.  We will typically run a 7 auction depending on eBay buying traffic to help get the most bids.  You won’t need to worry about answering any technical product questions, eAuction Assistant reps are tech savvy and can answer computer buying questions for prospective buyers.  We also make sure to include detailed computer specifications in your listings so buyers can find just what they want!

Your computer data security is important to us.  We can safely wipe your computer memory or remove your hard drive altogether which, depending on the computer may have little effect on the auction selling price.

A few popular laptops include the Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Pro, HP Pavillion, HP Envy, HP ProBook, Toshiba Satelite, as well as laptops from Acer, Dell, and Lenovo.

Contact us to set up a time to drop off your laptops and then sit back and wait for your check!