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Smartphones & Tablets Consignment - eAuction Assistant

Have you recently upgraded your cell phone and have a used smartphone or two laying around?  Drop them by eAuction Assistant and we can quickly and safely auction them for you!  We usually get you more than you can get by trading them in or dropping them off at a Walmart kiosk!

Smartphone & Tablets are awesome sellers on eBay!  There are tons of buyers looking for a replacement or new used phone on eBay.  When you have us sell your phones & tablets, we take lots of HD photos, included highly detailed product descriptions and do the research to make sure your buyers are finding your items to buy online!

We have auctioned lots smartphones and tablets including Apple (iphones, ipads, & ipods,) Samsung  (Galaxy S, Note, & Tab,) as well as Sony, Blackberry, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Sony, HTC.

Call now to schedule a drop-off appointment.