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Sports Memorabilia Consignment - eAuction Assistant

We love helping you get the most for your Sports Memorabilia.  eAuction Assistant has sold thousands of Sports Memorabilia items including cards, autos, jerseys.. you name it.  Receive a better cash return on your sports items with us.  A few of our favorites include autographed boxing gloves, basketball, baseball, football graded collectors cards and rookie cards, hand signed baseballs & basketballs, autographed jerseys, autographed player photos, and more!  Check out our current listings.


When selling sports memorabilia, authenticity is key.  We recommend obtaining a certificate of authentication (a COA) on most items to ensure a safe and smooth transaction as well as a much higher resell value.  In some cases with collections or sets, a COA is not always necessary. If your items have already been professionally graded or given a COA then we are green to proceed with your auction consignment!  If not there is no need to worry as we can help you obtain an accredited certificate of authentication and or professional condition grading on most sports memorabilia.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your items.