With Comic-Con just around the corner, this month’s featured article is about Collectible Toys.  Both new and vintage collectible toys can be great sellers online.  Do you have an old closet full of toys from when you were a kid or a collection collecting dust?  Have us sell them for you online for you and get more cash from eAuction Assistant.

We recently had a client who had us pick up his 10′ by 20′ storage unit filled to the top with bins full of great vintage collectibles and comics he had collected over the years as a Comic-Con fanatic!  He traveled around the country to attend and sell at Comic, Fantasy, Star Trek, and other conventions!  We were excited to discover lots of great VINTAGE (1950-1975) COLLECTIBLE TOYS in this lot including: Star Wars and Star Trek action figures, Franklin Mint statues, board games, Kenner and Mattel electronic toys of many sorts, large MEGO and KENNER playsets for Starwars, Star Trek, Power Rangers, and Matchbox cars, just to name a few!

When selling vintage toys, here are a few things that can determine the value of your collectible toys.

  1. Condition.  The better the condition, the higher and value for most collectible toys.  If you have the original packaging or box it came in it can still increase the value even if it is not sealed.  Originally sealed toys are the highest value toys however many vintage toys are great sellers on eBay with or without the packaging.

  2. Age.  If the toys are not in the original sealed packaging, as a general rule the older the toys the higher the value.  For instance, a Star Trek action figure that is 10 years old may only be worth a few dollars while a similar Star Trek action figure from the Classic show in the 70s may be worth hundreds or more.

  3. Limited or Special Editions.  Many vintage toys had limited production which makes them highly sought after including prototype toys and new releases.

  4. Complete Sets or Collections.  Complete sets can increase the value of your items because collectors don’t have to build these sets themselves.  Sets can create a great selling presentation and usually attract lots of bidders.

If you are looking to sell your collectibles, contact us for a free expert evaluation of your items.